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  • Wrestling shoes (or clean socks, no bare feet or street shoes allowed on the mats due to hygiene)

  • Shorts and a t-shirt are fine; singlets are also acceptable

  • Headgear is not mandatory but should be worn to prevent cauliflower ear.

  • Knee pads are useful to protect the knees from scrapes and bruises but are not mandatory

  • Water bottle for every practice - no sharing (Please put your child's name on their water bottle). Additional water will be available in the wrestling room.

  • Heavy sweatshirt or jacket and hat may be helpful after practice when a wrestler is soaked in sweat going home in the cold.


Youth wrestlers do not cut weight. Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere that promotes a competitive drive, regardless of the athlete's weight. In addition, there are much stricter guidelines now for high school and collegiate wrestlers.


Wrestling and Football are the sport’s most commonly linked to the spread of skin diseases. Common sense hygiene is the most effective tool in preventing most problems.